Mass Promotions at Ministry of Police Affairs

The outcome of the 2023 promotion interview as conducted and released the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) has shown that no fewer than 30 staff of the Ministry of Police Affairs, including those in the Directorate Cadre made the final cut.

The interview list for the Directorate level Officers in the Ministry and Police Education Unit indicated that two (2) Education officers were promoted to salary Grade level 17 and three (3) Education Officers to Salary Grade level 16 while twenty-five (25) Officers were promoted to Salary Grade level15.

According to a statement by Bolaji Kazeem, DeputyDirector (Press) in the Ministry, the Commission has also released the 2022 Senior Staff promotion list to the Ministry. A total number of three thousand and seventy-one (3,071) officers of various Education officers cadre and non-teaching cadres on salary grade levels 06-13 in the Ministry of Police Affairs and  Nigeria Police Force Education Unit were promoted.

It stated that the Commission has also approved requests for conversion and upgrading, including advancements to various Education cadres ranging from GL 07- GL.13 in the Federal Civil Service.

“The breakdown of the Education Officers  cadres and other non-teaching cadres  with the Salary Grade levels of the promoted officers are as follows: One (1) Education officers cadre: From GL.13- GL.14

“One hundred and ninety-three (193) officers were promoted from GL 12- GL.13 Also, one hundred and fifty-three 153 officers were promoted from G/L 10- GL.12; ninty  (90) officers were promoted; from G/L 09 -GL.10 while one hundred and three (103) officers were promoted; from GL.08- GL. 09 a total of one thousand and sixtyone ( 1061) Officers were promoted,” the statement noted.

Other details as disclosed in the statement released on Thursday shows that, in the Assistant Education Officer’s cadre, a total of nine hundred and seventy-five (975) Officers were promoted to GL 07 -14 respectively.

In addition, the Master Grade cadre has one hundred and three (103)  were promoted from GL 07-14 respectively. The Technical Officer Cadre has seventeen ( 17) Officers promoted across the board, while the  Instructors Cadre has a total number of two hundred and eleven  211 officers promoted to various grade levels.

The Data Processing Officers cadre has three (3) officers who were promoted from the Grade levels presented for the interview, and the Nursery Officer Cadre has only one (1) officer promoted from GL 10-12. The Store Officers Cadre has One (1) officer promoted from GL 12-13 and  Works Superintendent Cadre has three (3) officers who were promoted from GL. 07-GL.08, while forty-one (41) Clerical officers were promoted from GL.06-07.

A total number of seventy-nine (79) officers were converted and upgraded to various Education Officers cadres and grade levels (GL.07-13) respectively.

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