Opinion: When you look at the completed historical projects under President Buhari’s government you have to wonder what the Federal Government’s before now were doing?

Take for example the construction of the Bonny Island 750m Opobo Channel Bridge with two other major bridges, the Afa Creek Bridge 530m, Nanabie Creek Bridge 640m with a host of smaller bridges that connects the tiny island to mainland Nigeria. This island is host to Nigeria’s Liquified Natural Gas Company (NLNG) and other multi-national oil companies.

Now to illustrate how important this island is to Nigeria – the crude oil drilled from this region is Nigeria’s special brand of oil called “Bonny Light Crude sometimes called Sweet Crude” it is named after the island.

Yet none of the central government’s had any sense of urgency to connect this critical region of our nation to the rest of us. Talk about abandoning the Goose that lays the Golden Egg. The contract had been awarded 4 times before Buhari came to power, the previous 3 times failed. The last time it was awarded was in 2002. Well it looks like only one leader remembered that Goose!

The Bonny Bridge over Opopo River is part of a wider project called the Bodo-Bonny Bridge Road Project, this I will discuss in another post.

Congratulations Mr President!
The Project

The Bonny to Mainland Rivers State bridge finally standing after 50 years. The plan to connect Bonny island to mainland Rivers state was started by Gowon in the 1970s. The connection will be done by 3 bridges and a 30 km road in total. The Bodo – Bonny bridge was approved in 2017 by the current president for N120b to be equally funded by both the federal government of Nigeria and Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG). Now the Bridge is finally standing after 50 years.

Bonny Island in rivers state is the home of Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) and other multinational oil companies in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Bonny is a major crude oil exporting gateway for Nigeria. Nigeria’s signature oil brand is named after the island, ‘BONNY LIGHT CRUDE.
(Opera News)

Patriot Ata Ikiddeh
Consultant & Coordinator
The President Buhari Legacy Projects
The Presidency

Photos Courtesy Opera News

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