Idris Urges Nigerian Media to Mobilise Public Support for Economic Reforms

Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has appealed to the media to rally public support for the bold economic reforms being undertaken by the Tinubu Administration, which are aimed at opening vast opportunities for employment, sustainable economic growth, and prosperity for all Nigerians.

Idris made the remarks in Abuja on Thursday at a national security conference organized by the Star Newspaper in collaboration with the Nigeria Union of Journalists.

The Minister, who was represented by the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Press Council, Mr. Dili Ezughah, acknowledged that at the inception of any reform, adjustments and sacrifices have to be made. Still, it is crucial to keep in mind that the short-term inconveniences are the price Nigerians have to pay for the long-term benefits that await everyone.

“It is understandable that with any significant change comes temporary hardship, and the reforms currently underway are no exception. However, it is important to recognize that these challenges are part of the teething problems that often accompany genuine efforts to transform our nation for the better. Let’s leverage your platforms to communicate through message of hope to Nigerians,” he said.

While speaking on the theme of the Conference, “National Security and Development”, the Minister underscored the link between security and progress, stressing that security is not merely a prerequisite for development but the bedrock upon which sustainable growth, prosperity, and social cohesion are built.

Idris said, in the realization of the connection between security and development, President Tinubu prioritized the tackling of insecurity as one of the main planks of his Renewed Hope Agenda through restructuring of the security architecture and the provision of all the necessary logistics critical to the fight against violent crimes and criminality in the country.

“One of the key steps taken by the President was the rejiggering of the security architecture to ensure that our security forces are better equipped and organized to combat threats effectively. This included strategic appointments and reforms to enhance coordination and intelligence-sharing among security agencies.

“In addition to restructuring the security apparatus, the President also prioritized the provision of arms and equipment to our security forces. This includes everything from weapons and ammunition to surveillance technology, platforms, and vehicles among others. By arming our security forces with the tools, they need to succeed, we are empowering them to better protect our citizens and secure our nation,” he said.

The Minister said since the inception of the Tinubu Administration, five aircraft have been inducted into the Order of Battle of the Nigeria Air Force and more platforms are underway to scale up the fighting capacity of the Armed Forces.

He said the President has also ramped up the fight against crude oil thieves to block all avenues being exploited by economic saboteurs to undermine the Nigerian economy. “I am happy to report that our security forces are currently winning the war against violent crimes in all its ramifications across the country”, he said.

Idris said, additionally, the President is pursuing a non-kinetic approach to tackle insecurity by addressing its root causes including the fight against poverty, unemployment, and social inequality.

“Through targeted interventions and social investment programmes, we are working to address these underlying issues and create opportunities for all Nigerians to thrive,” he said.

The Minister therefore, enjoined the media to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity and professionalism in their reporting, particularly within the context of national security, where misinformation and disinformation can have grave consequences in the fight against insecurity.

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