Fubara Alleges Assassination Attempt as Fire Razes Rivers House of Assembly

The Governor of Rivers State, Siminalayi Fubara has alleged attempt by some compromised police officers to assassinate him, as plot for his impeachment thickens.
This is coming of the heels of fire outbreak at the Rivers State House of Assembly Complex on Sunday at about 10 p.m.
Already, the complex has been taken over by security agents from a nearby Police Command in Rivers while a fire truck was also mounted on the facility to quench possible break out.
It is unclear if the fire is connected with the current political fireworks between Fubara and the immediate past Governor, Nyesom Wike who is now the FCT minister.
While addressing thousands of youths at the Government House gate on Monday, Fubara revealed that he was shot at a close range with the intention to assassinate him while on his way to assess the extent of damage by the explosion that rocked the State House of Assembly complex.
“The truth is that everybody who knows me know that I am a peaceful person. I can never ever, even if I am aware that there is a plot to impeach me for whatever reason be part of such destruction.
“I am worried that a facility like this that we used taxpayers money to build will be destroyed for selfish reason just to please somebody. From what I have seen, even the security is compromised because they were shooting at me directly. The DC operations was shooting at me,” he said.
Fubara praised the youths for rising to protect the interest of Rivers, adding that he was not scared about impeachment but such action should be properly explained and justified.
He added: “If Siminalayi Fubara is impeached, I won’t be the first, neither will I be the last. But what is important is that any attempt that is not justified will be resisted. Let them come out and tell Rivers people the offence that I have committed to warrant impeachment.
“But my happiness this morning is that the people of Rivers State represented by everyone of you here is with us. I can go home and sleep. Let me assure Rivers people that we will continue to defend them, protect them and ensure that they will enjoy the dividends of democracy.”
The Coordinator of Sim Movement, Tonye Cookeygam sought for the protection of democracy, adding that the three arms of government must work within the ambit of the law.
Cookeygam wondered why the legislative arm initiated an impeachment proceeding against the governor, who he said was barely seven months in office.
He said: “I don’t understand what the problem is. The governor has been very loyal to the former governor of the state. The three arms of government should observe the doctrine of separation of power. Why should the legislative arm of the government without prompting initiate an impeachment process for a man that is barely seven months in office.
“You can see the level of development in the state as regards several projects initiated by the government. I was expecting that the projects initiated by the state government would have been lined up for commissioning.
“The governor has done well within the period he is in power. He has carried out several projects. So, on what basis do you want to impeach the governor. On what basis are all these things taking place.
“We say absolutely no to all that is happening in the state. As Rivers people, we cannot fold our arms and allow few persons that have ulterior motive to take laws into their hands.”

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